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CHRISTMAS SHIPPING DEADLINE IS TODAY: Orders received after December 13th 11:59 pm MST will arrive after Christmas
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Alfa?

An Alfa is our version of a home baked Peruvian Alfajor, widely known as Aflajores, we just shortened the name so it's easier to remember.  Our take on the alfajor was handed down 4 generations from our mother. The Alfa is a buttery shortbread-style sandwich cookie filled with dulce de leche and rolled in different toppings such as powdered sugar, coconut flake and cinnamon sugar. Our chocolate dipped and white chocolate dipped Alfas are also extremely popular.  In additional we offer seasonal Alfas such as the Gingerbead Alfas and the Strawberry Valentines Alfas and much more! Like us on Facebook to get updates on our seasonal Alfas! 

We bake our cookies daily at our brick and mortar bakery in Elizabeth, CO and we can ship them anywhere in the US.  Alfajores are great for dessert or a mid-day treat with coffee or tea. 

Are these like Argentinian Alfajores?

Of course they are similar in style, Peru and Argentina are neighbors so many of the similarities exist. In fact they are similarly identical, but not in flavor or texture. The Alfajores you'd order online from Argentine bakeries have a more dense and crumbly texture and often the vanilla rum flavored texture provides a different aftertaste. While the Peruvian and Argentinian Alfajor both use cornstarch and similar ingredients we have taken our flavor and texture to a different level from traditional Alfajores.

Of course our recipe is a spin off of a 4th generation Peruvian recipe that was given to us by our mother. We spent weeks perfecting this process, experimenting with new ingredients and flavors.  Our Alfa is robust in flavor using a unique brandy flavor and coconut. It is much lighter in texture, many of our toppings and dips are uniquely flavored. In fact, if you check monthly you will find our seasonal Alfas special is highlighted around American National Holidays.

I guess you could say that with Alfas, we created the American Alfajor.

Do you offer Gluten Free Alfas?

Yes, we offer a Gluten-Free Alfa(jor) that is made with rice flour and corn starch and rolled in the same toppings and dips as regular Alfas. We can ship them anywhere in the United States of America. 

Can you ship them internationally?

Unfortunately no, we are a small business with limited resources. Shipping is extremely expensive and we couldn't guarantee the freshness of our product with long extended shippings times.

How are they shipped?

They are packed in a sturdy corrugated white box with a Sweet Alfas label and then shipped in a USPS priority mail envelope/bag.

Can I ship them to a friend, family member or business client?

Absolutely, you can enter shipping address for gifts. If you need to ship to several locations, please shoot a us a message or give us a call at (720) 398-8816  

How long do the Alfas last?

It depends on your method of storage.
Shelf life is about 7-9 days in regular packaging. 
10-12 days if it is stored in an air tight container. 
If stored in the refrigerator, the Alfas could last 2 1/2 weeks. 

What do they taste like?
The closest comparison we can make is shortbread style cookies with a caramel filling and depending on what you roll them in and/or dip them in. We offer chocolate dipped, white chocolate dipped, gingerbread, and we roll the traditional alfas in powdered sugar, coconut flake or cinnamon sugar.